Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Eve

Still remembering ; 2 years ago de Christmas eve , where i just got out from remand , a date i wont forget as i will be released during Christmas eve ( such a date for celebration who can forget sia ) , not bad though , can celebrate Christmas eve and Christmas but go in is already damn jia lat !!
Then got house celebration with families , relatives ( all father side de family members ) not bad for a families gathering as u know , its rare for so many people to gather tgt to chit chat , makan some stuffs and etc , just to be together.
Well , the celebration is triggered by me and mainly for me , as they know i will be released on Christmas eve so they planned a celebration beforehand and told me when they visited me some days before that.
We shared our release date with everybody in the cell also , all said not bad to be release on Christmas eve , at least can celebrate ( but we all know its hell's hole in there , need to get out asap regardless of what date ) .
So still , its a celebration for somehow the wrong purpose , well its a happy occasion for me as i am released !!
No need to suffer in hell anymore !
And knowing that there's a celebration even made me happier ( not for the fact that i am already happy as i am released ) , as finally we can all gather around to eat turkey ! Yea they brought that for me cos they know that i love turkey.
Well its a fact that turkey is delicious , as least quite*
Still a celebration for the wrong reason to me la .
I'm fine if there's a celebration or not as its not initiated by me and its not something glamorous but happy that there's one.
Well , one excuse that its once a year , Christmas eve !!! Christmas is public holiday so most ppl doesnt need to work !
2nd excuse is that i am finally released !! Can celebrate to get rid of all the bad luck and etc and to help me get back on track and tried to lighten up my mood.
Definitely i felt bad , celebrating cos released from remand -.- .
But still not bad for a gathering , for ppl to find time to come and slack , eat , chit chat tgt , etc etc , hohohohoohoh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For JD again

Hmmmm , nowadays i rarely view others de blogs or go to my own blog le , unless i am really very bored.

Since ytd jd ask me to blog again , oh well , here i am .
I always got nothing much to do but the feeling of blogging still makes me lazy to , maybe cos its really boring and not much people want others to know their stuffs ?

If its embarrassing stuffs , who will want others to laugh at them and stuffs.
If its something that you are proud of , others will be jealous of u and will said that u are either bragging or its all fake.

So since different people have different opinion of stuffs , every words that you type , u must be prepared to face the consequences of ur actions and listen to what other's comments.

Especially when someone felt strongly different about ur opinion on certain stuffs , maybe in the end both of u are still neutral about it , but the small bicker or what about *lame* different opinion will just hurt any r/s.

Anyway , i had many different opinions about stuffs also , and as i said before , what i view about *feelings* is just different from others and only JD felt different and will made an action and think its something serious .

Well to others , nth much change and nothing much will made me be serious about it unless it threaten my life to some certain extent , still i believe that we live to die.

Oh ya , i dreamt that i played dota with JD hahahaha though its been sooo long since we last played tgt , guess sometimes dreams are about the past. ^@^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

For JD

Since tam jian de , my close bro said for my blog the latest post is 2010 , here i am posting , muahaha.

Well , starting i almost everyday blog , even though i had to work more then 10 hours , almost everyday , but that work was with my bros also , well tiring but quite enjoyable =) , so still got the mood to blog.

And starting got the drive and passion to kept blog , post photos , videos etc , but now sian liao la , starting to be 1 month per post without phots , now very long le , hahaha.

Anyway my blog aint dead lor , only update slow only. Since now i in Ns also , dont have much time , i am very lucky to be in CD , as a medic also , heard that medic has one of the best working hours, about drill wise its also not bad la , its not very slack and not very tough , average to me lor , cos we are like quite slack also haha , just save people can le , where got time for drills when people lives are at stake every moment??

Well its quite a slack job , firstly i was lucky to go to tuas fire station where there are not much calls for ambulance , but likewise , everything got Good and Bad , tuas station is much slacker compared to other stations but our OFF days we need to go for more shit.

2ndly , tuas fire station de people , majority are not bad , so its good =)
As for where i was working , the medics side , it was generally good also , so had quite a pleasant NS life there =) .

For CD medic , the working hours are considered good le and as the job to save people depended on us , we had quite a heavy responsibilities , do smt wrong confirm kena scolded , maybe charged to go DB or have a guilty consciences as lives cant be saved , well , you need to handle patients , their family members , friends etc
Your conscience , careful when in dangerous environment , always travelling cos in ambulance so its not really a safe job , cannot fear blood and most impt of all , cannot hum ji and back out , whether its in a dangerous environment , see gross scenes , stupid bystanders ask u hurry up , scold u etc , patients family members scold u etc .

And still got many many stuffs , hohoho , just like any other jobs in this world or i say NS .

But the good thing is cos this vocation requires us , for most of the time to be independent , there are not so many rules or stupid shit to govern us , we are like on our own , master everything , do everything on our own and just try our best lor , cos NS medic nia , 2 years and fuck off !

And not like dogs , people ask u to do the lamest things , like to punish u for whatever stupid reasons , control and restrict what are u doing , what u eat , when u sleep , all these shit , so i quite like it to be independent , i do my own and you do ur own , nobody controls one another for STUPID SHIT , its not even for a important reason -.- , nobody likes to be controlled eh , all loves their own freedom for a good cause.

So i am lucky i never get into driver , storeman or all those slack vocations , slack vocations are good , maybe everyday do nth impt or nth much , then go home , then go work , everyday same routine , it might be bored , but for 2 years only , just tahan and fuck off , but i dont really like it , cos maybe too bored or too strict or too useless.

Its like what u are doing aint had a great significance , i know everybody had their roles in lives and i admit every roles is important , just like we need people to massage us , to serve us our drinks , to be waiter , to clean our streets , our garbages and to let us fuck ^@^ .

But still there is a clear and obvious different in power and cash for each jobs , better paying jobs definitely is better with more $ and more power , someone who is ur maid , definitely need to hear orders from u ? though they are important also , hoho.

Ok lazy type le , night

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feeling Emo

Nostalgic memories being sparked by some objects , as i cleared some stuffs.

I just want my friends to know that only feelings matters , my feelings for all my close friends will always stay within me for as long as i can remember it.

Whether we are been contacting , meeting or whatsoever , it does indeed matters some.

As meeting one another for any enjoyable activities will enhance our bond together and to form new memories , but i just want all my friends to know that what's done cannot be undone , any form of memories that are created before be it enjoyable or not is done and cant be changed , time has past and it wont return.

All those memories will be in my brain till the time that i totally cant recall it , but those memories wont be lost , it will just be under a section of my brain when normally i wont remember it unless something sparked it.

So , whether we are still in contact or not , those feels are still inside me and i hope that all of my close friends will be with me till the die we die if possible.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's been quite long since i blogged

I just wanted to blog something simple , life sucks in SCDF , cant smoke , eat shit , no freedom etc, and the worst is the cordial drink -.- , machiam drink plain water.

Everyday same routine , and wake up at 5am ! wtf

damn boring lor , everyday doing almost the same thing , train , eat , train eat , like that nia , -.-

Friday, May 21, 2010


!!! ok its been quite long since i posted .

Nth much to say also , just to say that , recently damn suay , mahjong kept lose -.- , LUCK COMEEEE ARRGHHH

ok , i hope doomsday come earlier and everybody can die together happily =D